Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cohesive Culmination

Today a dear old friend gave me what I will take as a complement during a message thread on our social networking site of choice...

She wrote "Oh gosh, you have a way with words.." So the topic quickly morphed into an exploration of my past exploits in the written and spoken word and with my music habit (addicted since 6 years old) and how I yearn (Jerry, do you yearn?) ...yes, yearn... to bring all my passions into one conclusive offering to the Universe.

Don't worry. I'm not going to go all metaphysical...I'm just sayin'... that I have felt a little bit underutilized while pursuing careers first in the clinical lab sciences, then in legal information technology. The latter of the twain has offered me many opportunities for written expression, but it was usually relegated to communicating business needs and goals, opportunities, threats, project timelines and endless next steps in our quest to be the "the best law firm, with the best people, which achieves the best results of any firm anywhere" and to be "worldwide. for our clients"... insert your next 5-year strategic statement here.... LOL (respectfully)

But what about MY 5-year strategic plan? How will I continue to pay the bills (by geeking, which I love) and still find channels on which to broadcast the streams of colorful zeros and ones inside my head?

Blogging just may be the start of the full court press toward my "cohesive culmination," for a man of "divergent methodologies." I'll take a chance on that.

So Nikki, you get the credit today for ordering me to start a blog, and for following up 5 hours later to see if I had set it up. Here it is, and I dedicate my first entry to you. Thank you. You'll always be the Best in my book.

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