Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Everything is Easy

It dawned on me that there are things I once could do easily that are more difficult or seemingly impossible now. I used to be able to jump down 5 or 6 steps on the average staircase. I have a mental block against it now...based on the Physical Shock I received when I discovered my new Gravitational Limitations... So how about saving my energy for better pursuits? There too I discovered that I have a difficult time finishing large text books. I used to devour entire textbooks in a week! What gives?! I'll come back to that one because it's becoming important to get that groove back.

This past week I was dusting off my piano playing to rehearse a jazz tune for an upcoming wedding reception and began to panic because I once could hear a chord progression and then play it almost exactly on the first try. Too much loud music in my headphones (physical shock), or is it a mental block? So the eureka moment came when I closed my senses for a second and thought of the joy of doing this thing that bore no physical barrier. I felt that joy right in my lungs as I mentioned in a previous post and the thought came to mind: "Everything is easy." After that, I listened to the patch of the song that was troublesome, and nailed it. Try it sometime. Be honest with yourself, because if you have no background in something, you'll simply be laying ground for success, but you'll have to fail a few times first. With things you once mastered, evoke their Easyness and enjoy the outcome.

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