Friday, December 4, 2015

Tradition of Solitude

The Holidays are in full swing.  There is always something to commemorate, someone with whom to commiserate or celebrate, or just plain "it's that time again".  Tradition is a big word for a small idea, that of routine.  A routine can be ongoing, or it can be periodic, but they always stay resident, anticipating their next turn.  Imagine a world without traditions.  It would mean there is infinite probability that NOTHING is enjoyable enough to be repeated.  Couples have their date nights, or EVERY NIGHT. Children love birthday parties, and so much so that many kids track the next  birthday in fractions, to celebrate their half birthday...more gifts.  Enjoyable.  Speaking of date nights, it's where the kids came from to begin with.

Traditions usually are a social affair involving familiar smells, sounds and familiar faces.  But for those who are alone at these times, you need not be left out of the affair.  At very least, a solitary visit to familiar places can provide for a future full of mirth and folly if one is bold enough to share the story of their solitary tradition...maybe you'll develop a following...a fan club of sorts...because after all, there really is nothing that new on the planet, such that no one else would find it worth repeating.

Be alone, but get out and do things alone.  You will not be alone for long.

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